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Everyone is part of the Booster.
We need your help through the different committees!

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We are an entirely volunteer-run organization, and we need your help! We know that every Richland family has unique talents and skills, and we hope everyone will share those talents to the benefit of our community. For instance, parents with design skills can assist with making flyers, spirit gear or even this website! We need folks with technical skills, excel wizzes, crafty-parents, event planners, bakers, French-speakers, etc. Additionally, volunteer opportunities are both short-term and long-term: some parents can help out with an hour shift in the morning handing out flyers to advertise an event, while others commit a few hours a week to chair one of our committees. Volunteer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, and we will help you find the perfect one for you!


There are many ways to support our Richland community.  The events listed under evolve every year - our bullet points act as suggestions / descriptions of past events, not required expectations.  If you have a way of making these events more efficient, bigger, or better, feel free to exercise your creative muscles!

If you have an idea for a new event or way to support our community, please let us know!

Giving Campain

The Giving Campaign is Richland's annual fundraiser which raises money to pay for many things that LAUSD doesn't cover.  A full breakdown can be found on our Fundraising page.  This committee generally manages:

  • Work with boosters to decide on fundraising goals, donation amount, and content for the campaign

  • Proof and update website copy

  • Promote campaign at events and run donation tables during drop-off

  • Send updates via email and fliers throughout the campaign

Book Fair

The Book Fair is an annual fundraising event usually held in the school library.  We work with a vendor to sell books in French and English.

  • Work with the vendor to curate book lists for our student demographic

  • Advertise the book fair

  • Organize volunteers to help set up / tear down book fair

  • Organize volunteers to help run the book fair each day

Ongoing fundraisers

Ongoing fundraisers are generally programs offered by shopping platforms (websites, apps, physical stores, etc.) such as Amazon Smile and Ralph's Community Contribution Program.  Families can sign up and every time they shop, a small percentage (or flat fee) of what they spend is donated to Richland Avenue Boosters.  This committee generally manages:

  • Encouraging and reminding families to sign up for these programs

  • Create visuals to help explain how and where to sign up

  • Research additional programs that Richland isn't taking advantage of and introduce them to the community

Spirit Gear

Support Richland by showing up in school colors!  This committee generally manages:

  • Promote Richland's online store

  • Organize Richland gear for in-person purchase at Boosters events

  • Introduce new ways to spread Richland cheer (stickers, buttons, patches, hats, mugs, etc.)

Back-to-School Picnic

The Back to School Picnic happens in the Richland Garden.  Families are encouraged to bring their own picnic, and boosters provides snacks, games and other activities.  This committee generally manages:

  • Budgeting for activities and getting funding approval from boosters

  • Advertising for the event and encouraging families to attend

  • Obtaining, delivering, and setting up picnic-style snacks

  • Planning and running games, activities and crafts


​The Trunk-or-Treat event takes place between Richland Campus and St. Andrew's Lutheran Church, with families decorating their vehicles and handing out candy along the road.  This committee generally manages:

  • Advertising the event and encouraging families to donate candy

  • Organizing volunteers to set up and manage trick-or-treating route

  • Setting up a staging/home base area at either Richland or the church

  • Planning a mini-party at home base area

  • Getting sign-off from neighbors (a few of them will participate too!)

STEM I CAN build

The We CAN Build It! STEM and canned food drive event combines science and engineering with our annual food drive to benefit the Westside Food Bank.  Each year we donate nearly 1500 pounds of food from this fun STEM competition.  This committee generally manages:


  • Advertising the event and encouraging families to donate canned food

  • Organizing volunteers to act as judges and to pack/transport food.

Staff Appreciation Week

Boosters organizes a week of appreciation for Richland teachers and staff​, which involves small gifts/surprises each day and ends with a luncheon to express the families' gratitude.  This committee generally manages:

  • Budgeting for the week and getting funding approval from boosters

  • Planning and delivering small gifts and surprises for each day

  • Organizing and managing the staff luncheon

Spring Gala

The Gala is a night out for the parents with food, drinks and socializing, which coincides with the launch of the online auction.  This committee generally manages:

  • Finding and securing a venue for the gala

  • Organizing food/beverage/ticket sales

  • Creating a theme and advertising to Richland families to both attend and donate to the auction

  • Collect and organize items for our silent auction (held during the gala) as well as set up the online auction

Campus Beautification

On Beautification Day, volunteers work on clean up the campus and beautification projects. Parents, families, children, staff and friends are welcome. 

Volunteers are given duties by the committee lead. Tools and materials are provided by the Boosters, as well as water and some snacks. This committee generally manages:​

  • Organizing assignments on D-Day

  • Encouraging the community to participate to Beautification Day

  •  Finding local sponsors for materials

  • Finding new ways to easily improve the environment


This is an annual event where students seek sponsors to support their participation as they walk/scoot/ride bikes around the blocks between Richland and St. Andrew's Lutheran Church.  This committee generally manages:

  • Advertising the event and encouraging families to find sponsors for their children

  • Solicit local businesses for sponsorship opportunities

  • Managing day-of logistics for the event

French Support

The French Support committee explores ways to support Richland students in their learning of the French language.  This committee generally manages:​

  • Organizing the French lending library

  • Creating tools to support learning French such as flash cards

  • Organizing events and enrichment activities that promote learning French

  • Academic and French homework support

  • Finding ways to increase French language exposure

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