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Learning Garden

Richland’s Learning Garden has been active since 2005 when Ms. Kami’s oldest son started attending Richland. The half acre of land is unlike any other school garden and it needed to be used by the kids!  Through the years the garden has grown and the students of Richland now learn about planting and harvesting; how pollinators are important - Yes! We love bees! - they observe the full lifecycle of ladybugs and butterflies, try foods they have never had before and learn just how delicious food fresh from the vine is.  We also focus on working together to plant, gather and share food, and sometimes we just play! 


We have 5 varieties of apples, nectarines, cherries, mulberries and raspberries, edible flowers a large variety of veggies -popcorn anyone?- citrus trees and more! 


The hope is that one day, students will have the skills to grow a garden of their own and understand where their fruits and veggies come from and be able to share their abundance with their friends and families.

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