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If you are interested in having your child attend Richland's French Immersion program, you must apply via the LAUSD site ( in order to be eligible for the lottery.

The E-Choices application window is October 3, 2023 - November 18, 2023.

LAUSD LATE Echoices applications will open on February 1, 2024

Learn more about LAUSD Dual Language Programs

2024-2025 School Year
  • Transitional Kindergarten - child must be 4 on or before April 2, 2024

  • TE Program - Child must be 4 on or before September 1, 2024

    • Richland does not have  an "ETK" Program

  • Kindergarten child must be 5 years old on or before September 1st, 2024

  • First Grade – child must be 6 years old on or before September 1st, 2024

  • For further inquires about Richland Registration, please call the school directly at (310) 473-0467.


LAUSD Age Calculator

Frequently asked questions


-- How are students selected?

Selection preferences for applicants will be applied in the following order:

  1. Siblings living within the school’s attendance boundary

  2. Students living within the school’s attendance boundary

  3. Siblings living within Los Angeles Unified boundaries

  4. Students residing within Los Angeles Unified boundaries

  5. Siblings requiring an Inter-District Permit

  6. Students requiring an Inter-District Permit


-- Dual Language Education Programs Information

If there are more qualified applicants than spaces available at the school, a random, unbiased selection process will be conducted. Siblings of current students in the dual language program have priority for attendance. There is no priority point accrual process for Dual Language Education programs. If there are more applicants than spaces available for a given grade, students will be placed on a waiting list.

  • The waiting list number is not disclosed.

  • Students will remain on the waiting list for their first choice with an on-time application even if offered a seat at another program with a late application.

  • Schools will notify parents of students who applied with an on-time or with a late application who are on the waiting list, when a space becomes available. No further action is necessary for parents of students on the on-time or late waiting list.

-- Enrollment Criteria

Language Classification

  • A student's official language classification is determined at the school following enrollment.

  • Students Requiring Inter-District Permit
    Once placement has been offered, applicants who reside outside the L.A. Unified boundaries must complete the Inter-District Permit Process to finalize enrollment at the assigned school. The link to the Inter-District Permit process can be found on the website or you can call the Permits Support Line at (213) 202-7547.

  • Some Dual Language Education program schools offer Transitional Kindergarten (TK). Please contact the school for age requirements and additional information.

  • Some Dual Language Education program schools offer Universal Transitional Kindergarten (UTK). Please contact the Early Childhood Education Division at (213) 241-0415 for more information.


-- What is a Dual Language Two-Way Immersion (TWI) Program:


Classroom Composition The Dual Language Education Program is designed to provide students the opportunity to receive grade-level standards-based content in English and in a language other than English (target language). This program is designed for both English Learners (ELs) as well as English Speakers (EO, IFEP, SEL, and RFEP).

  • Grades TK, K, and 1 — English Learners (ELs) who speak the target language of the program and English Speakers (EO, IFEP,SEL,RFEP) are eligible to participate.

  • Grades 2 - 12 — English Learners (ELs) who speak the target language of the program are eligible to participate.

  • Grades 2 - 12 — English Speakers (EO, IFEP,SEL and RFEP) may enter the program if their target language performance is on par with peers who are already in the program. To determine eligibility, a target language assessment will be administered to students who have not previously participated in a Dual Language Education Program.

  • By the application deadline, if there are fewer than 50 percent of English Learners or English Speakers to create a balanced classroom composition, the ratio of assignment will be composed of up to 2/3 from either language group.
    * Target language verification may be required for students who are new to L.A. Unified. Program eligibility will be determined by the school site.

Enrollment tips

  • Utilize an email address that you check frequently for your student’s application submission. 

  • Keep track of your email confirmation that your application has been accepted into the eChoices application that you should receive directly after completing the application.

  • LAUSD Applicants are allowed to select up to 3 schools for the eChoices application once you accept a place at a school, you will be removed from the list for the other schools you have applied to.

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