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Welcome to Richland Avenue Elementary Booster Club! We are a parent-led, non-profit organization, that boosts and provides additional support to our tight-knit community of students and staff through the amazing time and financial support of school parents. C’est pas magnifique ça ?


So concretely, we are fundraising money to redistribute it through activities for the families and children, materials and staff expenses. More than that, we are also organizing events like Halloween, picnic, etc. by connecting volunteer parents together so they can make it happen! Either by giving a part of your time or helping the school financially, we need you!


Concrètement, nous sommes un groupe de cinq parents volontaires, entourés par plein d’autres parents, tous soudés pour booster notre communauté, que ce soit en organisant des activités, pour plus de cohésion et d’inclusion ou encore en récoltant des fonds dans le but d’avoir un programme (extra) scolaire toujours plus riche et varié en activités et en émotions. 


Our fun social events, learning opportunities and fundraising allow us to help our community go above and beyond, so thank you for your participation. We are proud to do our part in making Richland Avenue Elementary Tigers roar!

On se présente ?


Della Laira

Bonjour Richlanders!

My name is Della, Booster Présidente.  I am a native of the Seychelles Islands, a country with 3 national languages: English, French & Creole. I have 2 boys, grades 1 and TK... They are my love, teachers, entertainers and motivators.

I'm an organizing enthusiast 😱, hence I guess my project management focus career. I love a good plan with color coded categories (don't tell Marie Kondo). I have a background in bookkeeping, organizational management. 

I'm a music person, love a good concert vibe. I enjoy soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Pastime (aside from kids?): Nothing beats a great music ambiance , great companies and a nice medium bodied red wine.

Here to serve, elevate and get us all having fun together with or without the kiddos.



Dayna Landry

- Co Vice-President -

Hellloo Richland!

My name is Dayna. I am Vice President, along with Julian, my wonder twin. Aside from my full-time Booster position, I am also a dietitian specializing in mental health, and a health inspector for the VA. I am married to a physical therapist. We love community building, and In fact, started a community track club in Culver City. I hope to one day bring it to Richland! 

We have two daughters, one is starting kinder and the other TK next year. They have a grandma who is from France and lives locally, and an aunt (my sister) who lives in Paris. Their grandpa (my dad ) was French-Canadien and was forced to stop speaking French when his family assimilated into the U.S. I have inherited his passion for learning the language, some day. I can only take beginning French over so many times, so now I am passing the torch to my children!

In our abundant spare time we coach our daughter’s soccer team and are trying hard to learn how to be dance moms. Taking advice. 

I love Richland and am honored to be in a position to help bolster and enrich our community!


Julian Harker

- Co Vice-President -

Hi Richland!

My name is Julian and I'm one of the co-VPs of the Booster Club. We decided that the power of the VP is simply too awesome to leave in the hands of one person, so Dayna and I pulled the proverbial sword out of the stone together. I think she hid it from me, though, in case i hurt myself accidentally.

I'm the proud dad of two - a daughter in Kindergarten and a son in 3rd grade. We love the community we have found at Richland and I'm excited to contribute in whatever way I can to support the kids, families and staff.

As someone who went through the English, French and US school systems, I'm interested in how we can adapt cultural differences to strengthen learning and social development.

My professional background is in advertising, publishing and news, though mainly on the tech side. I also have a background in film. 

Most of my free time is spent trying to write film or tv scripts, which mostly involves me banging my head against the wall and swearing at my laptop. Other than that, I play tennis badly, run slowly, exercise too infrequently and enjoy food too often.

When all is said and done, though, I hope I can provide some mild entertainment whilst doing some good for the kids and the Richland community.

Here's to a great school year!


Ashley Spitz



Oh sorry, that’s Swedish. This is the French school, right? I guess I should speak French, which I totally do. So what I meant to say is what’s up!

My name is Ashley. As you can already see, I’m hilarious. I’m also the treasurer. Which means I do the booster books. You should hear some of my Excel jokes. Where are my accountants and CFOs? You know what I’m talking about.

You’ll be surprised to hear my day job is not standup comedian. I’m a fractional CFO for mission driven non-profits. I have a daughter making the leap from TK to K this year. I like short walks away from the beach. Hate getting sand in my car or anywhere really. 

I’m run. I bake. I cook. I listen to my husband rant about things. Last night he went on about… I actually I don’t remember. So scratch that. I don’t listen to him rant. 

I’m passionate about my daughter’s education. And your kids’ too. Obviously. I’m excited to work with the Richland community to continue to build something great.

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