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Restorative Justice
Kindness, Council, Repair, Understanding
What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative Justice is a philosophy and an approach to discipline and community building that we use at Richland.  The focus is on connecting students, teachers, and families.  We have found that the process of using Council to communicate with each other has strengthened our community.  
When one students hurts another student, the Restorative Justice process has teachers focus on repairing the harm done to the injured student.  Sometimes an apology is needed.  Other times, another consequence is required.  Either way, we ask all participants to focus on repair and moving forward.
We do invite parents to participate in Councils that focus on parenting at least twice per year.
Community Building Process
We welcome students to the Council, and we open the meeting by sharing music, a quote, or something that inspires the group.  We state the purpose and explain the talking piece.  Reminders about the guidelines are shared with the students.  There are options about how to proceed with the Council depending on the purpose.  Most councils include a community building round followed by some more directed discussion based on what the group needs that day.  We end with a check-out round and a closing quote.
Speak from the heart
Speak when you have the talking piece
Listen from the heart
Be brief
Guidelines for Council
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