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Get ready for School!

The First Day of School is Tuesday, August 18th 

The gates open at 7:45 am

Classroom Assignments will be on bulletin boards inside the Federal Gate Entrance.

Students will line up on the playground at their classroom number at 8:10am.  The final bell rings at 8:15am.  There will be a short welcome message from Mr. Granade, and then the students will go the the classrooms with their teachers and parents will attend a Welcome Meeting for questions and answers in the Auditorium.

Some things to help with the First Day of School

Come to the New Family Playdate on August 17th

Teach your child to tie their shoes or have them wear shoes that don't need tying.  For the child's safety and comfort, please do not send a child to school wearing open toed shoes.

Have your child wear clothing that is comfortable and sturdy.  Your child will come home a little dirty at the end of the day.  You don't want to ruin special clothes.

Have your child practice opening lunch and food packaging.  Please no glass containers, they tend to fall and break creating hazards in the lunch area.

Give your child lots of hugs and reassurances that you will be there to pick them up at the end of the day and you will be excited to hear about their first day of school!

Your child will come home exhausted and hungry.  They will need a good rest and healthy food at the end of their day.

What supplies does your child need for school?

You will need some supplies at home; pencils, crayons, safety scissors and some colored pencils.

All supplies for the classroom are provided by Richland and/or the Booster Club.

Your child will need a backpack, a folder, and a lunch bag (if your child is eating a lunch packed at home.)  You will need to add lunch money to your child's account in the cafeteria after the first week at school.   

A Typical Day of School

8:10am line up with classmates outside on the classroom number circle. 


8:15am Stand in line patiently and listen to announcements.  Then walk with the teacher to the classroom.

9:45am Nutrition/Recess for Kindergarten

(Later recess for older grades.)

11:30am Lunch time. Please have a chat with your child about appropriate meal time behavior, such as sitting, eating, no running around.  The students have 20 minutes to eat lunch, then they line up and have 20 minutes of play time on the playground.

2:30 Dismissal-Most Tuesdays are 1:30 Dismissal.  Make sure you check the calendar for updated information.  The first Tuesday (August 20th) is a 2:30 dismissal day.

STAR teachers pick up students from the classroom.  Kinder parents will pick up at the Kinder Gate, so parents should walk to the Kinder yard after entering the yard via the Federal Gate.

After-School Classes will be determined. 


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